Saturday, May 31, 2008


I posted in my regular blog the other day about an unpleasant encounter with neighbors. That night a dream I was having morphed into it. I don't remember the nature of the early part of the dream, but before I knew it I was talking to one of my Taiwanese farmer neighbors' sons. Only the person I was talking to was not Taiwanese... it was Jethro from the old TV show the Beverly Hillbillies! Guess the connection my brain unconsciously made to that particular TV series character reveals a judgement call I made against my neighbors... Interesting dream observation anyway.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Above-Ground Moria

I awoke around 4 and made 4 quick mental notes of dream details which I repeated several times in an attempt to memorize for recollection in the morning. Unfortunately, since I didn't bother to write them down, they were mostly forgotten by mid-morning when I tried to recall them!

Reconstructed (and perhaps somewhat different) Scene 2:

I was with my brother and another high school classmate -- the only one I've been able to stay somewhat connected with off and on over the years (being an army brat living overseas in high school led to that kind of disconnect). Strangely, the high school buddy, though we've seen each other a few times over the years, was wearing the large frame glasses he wore in our high school yearbook, and his hair was also high school length-- that's the image of him my brain conjured up. It seems the image of my brother was also a younger version than today's.

We were about to traverse a large building with surreal miniature features (doors and windows and risen walkways and stairways much smaller than normal). The reason we were trying to make our way through the building is because by going in and down we could make our way down what would otherwise have been a difficult climb down a steep cliff/mountainside. In waking it sort of reminded me of sort of an above-ground Lord-of-the-Rings Moria shortcut attempt. But no fear involved... it seemed to be some sort of adventure.

Flashback to Scene 1 (also reconstructed and perhaps somewhat different):

With a number of fellow adventurers/ explorers/compatriot buddies in a room with risen walkways as we made our way out from one entrance before continuing on along through another door. Who they were is foggy now, but I seem to recall a few college Inter-Varsity buddies in the mix (of course, since I a haven't seen most of them in years they hadn't aged in the dream).

Common Denominator/Attempt at Interpretation (though I forgot the other details):

Been missing male companionship over the years for this kind of male bonding thing.... Plenty of women friends in churches here... had lunch with a pastor and lady deaconness in Taichung just today. But the men are missing, at least a lot of the ones with the willingness, time, or inclination to do stuff together. Hopefully this upcoming year will be a breath of fresh air with two guys in some form connected with our team who might enjoy doing some stuff occasionally together as time permits. And there's also my neighbor Mr. Wu who's always inviting me to eat strange things and go hiking with him!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Last night I dreamed I was in the lobby of a school. The students were a combination of different people from different places. Some, as I recall now, may have been from the US, and some from here in Taiwan. Ages also varied.

One of the teachers I met in the lobby was actually a severely-mentally challenged 19 year-old student I taught several days in a special education school last year in Maryland. Though 19, he had the mental acuity of about a 6 year old. Here in the dream, however, Kevin was healed of his infirmity!

The only other scene I can recall from the dream was looking down a hallway at a cafeteria table where some students were eating lunch. The table and the students sitting there were also reminiscent of the highly-challenged class of 5 I taught and helped teach over one year ago now at the special ed school. Different people, but still somehow I know that was the allusion. I wonder why my brain pulled upon those particular images? Maybe we'll learn more tonight...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I've been lax in recording dreams. Hard to get back into the habit of remembering and recording before they slip away in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.

I only remember a very small part of a dream from last night: I was driving one of our organizations old-and-getting-older Nissan vans and delivering a group of people (coworkers-- Taiwanese or western I could not remember) to a destination somewhere. I have no clue where.

Anyway, though this dream nugget is basically completely worthless, I want to get back into the habit of journaling what I remember. By the grace of God I can begin to do better again.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Segments of 5 Dreams

After a few days of not taking time to pay attention or record (although I remember dreams from at least 2 nights), this morning I find I can recall portions of 4 or 5 different dreams, or 2 dreams with different acts, if you want to look at it that way. However, the level of detail now is sparse as I didn't write anything down immediately after having them.

Dream 1: A surrealistic seashore in which the sand/seashore was more like a mountain, but it was still made of sand. The water was more like an enclosed lagoon. While there were no large waves, there were currents.

There was some sort of waterboard/surfing contest about to begin-- I think the goal was more or less to scoot around the surface of the water in circles sort of like on a skateboard. I wasn't participating; just sitting up on the beach observing with some other folks. I was familiar with all the people there but can't remember who they were now. The first person who started off quickly got sucked under momentarily. Because the currents were bad in that way, they called off the rest of the contestants. Oh well; that's all about I can remember from this weird dream now.

Dream 2: Also a surrealistic seashore setting, but with a normal beach, but again no large waves. It must have been more like an ocean sound. The beach going by it was almost like a park. This time, it was the water that was different. First, I had a flashback recollection to what I believe was an earlier dream dating some time back: There was a wavepool with shallower water as you moved beyond it out. Inside the wave pool were not just your regular cute little fish and starfish, etc. There were a few huge fish in it, including sharks! The reason why people liked to walk by there was specifically to observe what was in it. I think in my earlier dream some time ago I even remember people down there swimming in it but I thought it would be too dangerous.

This time, they were doing some construction out beyond the wavepool area. It looked like and because of the construction, all the wildlife in the pool was gone. All there were at this point were iron poles sticking out of the water, but it looked like they were going to put in a large pavilion of some sort on the water.

Dream 3: With some friends from years ago (I only remember one of them now, a nice guy named Neequaye-- but the Neeq from 13 years ago!) He had a few dogs, one of whom was unique because it was missing 2 legs (either front or back, I can't remember now). It was an extremely happy and joyful in spite of its loss and inability to move around on its own. When I asked about it, I was told its previous owners were cruel to it. The dog was not the central element to this dream, and I've forgotten the setting (except that were were insight, perhaps in a cafeteria of some sort sitting around) as well as the plot to the story.

Dream 4: Same characters as 3. Neequaye and some others were outside now playing frisbee with another dog playing as well. Toward the end I walked over to the side and saw the other lame dog lying on its side. Again, forgotten most of the detail.

And in the few minutes since I got up, got the coffee made, birds out, these dreams written, etc. I've forgotten the other dream!

Nothing much to interpret here and not much in details. But hopefully the exercise in trying to recall them will aid in recalling more next time.