Thursday, June 19, 2008

College Dorm Room

I've had a number of dreams in recent days, but as usual, I've not been good about journaling them so mostly they've been forgotten.

One I had some days ago that has stuck with me because I reviewed the details immediately upon awaking follows:

I was in my dorm room my freshman year at NCSU back way back when. Without my permission, my roommate had rearranged the furniture. My bed had been pushed aside and his moved to a new location as well in order to accomodate a sofa and maybe some other stuff as well.

Nothing like this happened in real life with this particular roommate back in college. We only roomed together first semester. He did have a lot of drugs sent to him in the mail, etc. but was mellow and easy to get along with. I ran into him years later and he had become a Christian! I moved over to his room that first semester when in addition to the guy I was originally supposed to room with, another guy was put in making it a threesome. In the first two or three weeks of school, he would come back drunk in the middle of the night and crank the stereo, without considering the fact that others (ie. me) were sleeping.

Don't know why this stuck with me except that recently I've been concerned again about the respecting of others' rights, boundaries, etc. (see tent post in Prattler blog)