Monday, February 9, 2009

Obama’s Personal Secretary!

OK, this hasn’t exactly been a blog I’ve been contributing to recently. If I don’t write down a dream shortly after I have it, I forget the details. But last night’s dream was so hilarious it was easy to remember.

I was working in some kind of corporate environment, a blend of two previous environments (one scientific research, the other private investment banking) in which I had previously worked years ago in real life.

It was my first day in a new position. In walks my boss. President Obama!. Not as president though, just as Mr. Obama. I see him outside taking a break over lunch – hitting a few golf balls? (this part is fuzzy already)

A little later, I walk back into my office and see 3 or 4 organizational charts he’s left for me to type up (his first day on the job too). I sit down at my desk, only to discover that what I thought was a small notebook computer is not. No problem. I’m a good typist. I sit down, only to discover…. I have no computer—it’s either been stolen or mistaken as another piece of hardware! No problem. Get on the phone. But I have no list of people to call in order to get a computer! No problem. Walk down the hall and find someone. But I don’t know anyone to ask in order to help me get a computer! I have no clue where to go or what to do. Although not terrified or elevating to a high state of anxiety, I am definitely nervous and a general feeling of helplessness settles over me as the dream concludes.


I’m back in high school. I’m wondering why I haven’t been heard anything about the start of this year’s practice for the basketball team,  on which I play a supporting role,  and if they are even practicing. I wonder if I’ve been intentionally left out of the loop.

This is a recurring dream I’ve experienced from time to time over the years in the past. What does it mean? Striving to stay in the know, afraid of being left of out the loop?