Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jump-Fly Dream

Night before last I had a dream of the long jump/flying variety that I don’t remember having had for several years. The details are sort of hazy now, but here goes….

I was saying goodbye to a group of 3 or 4 friends… no idea now who they were. Take a car? Scooter? How to take leave? Neither of the above. Having a fairly accurate internal compass, I merely pointed my feet in an approximate direction, and took a giant leap! I travelled hundreds of yards through the air, came down, redirected the direction slightly, and took another jump… the scenery varied between mountaintops, steep cliff top drop-offs, and urban/suburban scenery.

It was about then I discovered that my jumping ability not only helped me overcome physical limitations (jumping/semi-flying a long way) but also temporal limitations.I was jumping back in time!

I found myself running down the main street of a rural southern community which seemed to be in Mississippi maybe 40 or 50 years ago(I’ve never been there but recently been reading a few John Grisham novels). The scenery reminded me of the main street of the town where my grandparents used to have their old house in NC. But even though that’s in the south the next minute I found myself fruitlessly making no progress as I was slipping and sliding along with the car traffic over a slippery icy, snowy road in the middle of a winter somewhere. My spatial/temporal jumping ability had been rendered obsolete by an encounter with a winter storm sometime in the recent past! That’s about all I can remember from that remarkable little dream… Last night I had another one but alas the details slipped away soon after awakening without me first taking a minute to review them mentally.