Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jump-Flying into Morder!

In a previous post I described the common jump-flying dream feeling. In a dream I had a few minutes ago, I was again jump-flying across expansive mountainous terrain (not the terrain described in JRR Tolkien’s trilogy, by the way). But this time I was jumping over into “Morder”, well, actually to a holding area adjacent to Morder. And my jumps were more modest—not really flying leaps and bounds, hundreds of feet at a time, more like dozens only. My identity was not myself, but I’m sure who I was supposed to be, either.

As I approached the area, my leaps became smaller. I encountered a series of elevated wooden poles and pulleys, used perhaps as a sort of transportation or freight system. Suspended in the air, I used my arms with ease (much like jumping with ease) to move along it. It was much like the horizontal monkey bar contraption at a typical elementary school which is used to build arm strength, only much higher – maybe two stories in the air-- and made of wood with ropes attached. Anyway, as I moved rapidly along it. I became aware that I moved into territory where a few orc guards were present off in the distance so I pulled myself back over in the direction in which I had come.

I allowed myself to pass through a curtain divider crease into and out of a room. There on the other side in some trees I encountered two little boys. There were a few animals (monkeys?) hiding out in the trees as well. The boys were not prisoners; I do not know why they were there. High up in the tree, one of the boys offered me a mini-stool/chair (about 8 inches across, no arms) in which to sit which would have been more comfortable than sitting on the branches. He took the other one. He/they had a small cardboard box apparently filled with rou4song4, which was their meal subsistence there in that place. They were going to have to make it last a while ( much like Frodo and company had to live off the lembas!).

Anyway, at some point I became aware of the reason for my being there in that place… this was an advance scouting trip in preparation of a one-man rescue operation. I think the person I was supposed to rescue was the wife of the person I was supposed to be in the dream. Could have been the boys I bumped into as well, but not this trip. Anyway, the gal had been abducted and was a prisoner in Morder. However, this was only a prep-trip so using my arms I loped off through the trees/wooden suspension poles (more like Tarzan now), slipping through a curtain-like cardboard wall divider in and out through the side of a house, back through the trees, and then hitting the ground running as I started jump-flying again.

At this point it occurred to me how easy it would be to be shot by an arrow or some other weapon in the leg by an orc guard. This would render at least one leg incapable of jump-flying. But fortunately this did not happen. I made it back to wherever it was I had come from.. not a clear part of the dream. Anyway, someone made it clear to me that I had been set-up… that things were made to look like I would be able to slip easily in and out of Morder… “NOBODY slips into and out of Morder without being unseen.” In hindsight, I realized how obvious this fact was. It was just made to appear like I had snuck in and out . I knew the return trip would be much harder. As I pondered my next move for the rescue operation this segment of the dream concluded and I woke up to the sound of bird noises upstairs… It was 5:30 am.

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