Monday, September 14, 2009

Two Dream Fragments

Posts to this dream blog continue to be sporadic at best… Fragments from the endings of two dreams, both from the past week:

1. Sitting in a church worship service – right when it is concluding. In giving the benediction, the pastor, someone I knew in a not very positive light from 15 plus years ago, suddenly decided to go off on another enthusiastic mini-sermon. I’m sitting beside a friend who was a youth worker at the time who went on to become a pastor himself... it’s good to be sitting beside this guy who at different times endured evil from the same party as I did. I don’t remember what the man up front said, but just as I woke up, I remember him saying something about putting  “lemon in tang.” Who knows where that came from!!! 很好笑!

In the dream, I feel safe and secure as there is sufficient distance and time separating me from a source of pain and hurt in the distant past. This person was used by God . But there’s also a wise awareness I wouldn’t want to ever put myself or anyone else in the position to let this person harm again.

2. Back in the research institution I worked in to pay my way through graduate school 22 years ago. Only, they’ve relocated in a high rise building (some of the office structures look the same, however, and some offices that used to be in separate buildings have merged together in my dream). Also, almost everyone is gone as they are apparently moving out of this facility or discontinuing. I’m not a fulltime employee here anymore but only come back occasionally as a consultant… VERY occasionally. Like almost never. On this particular drop-in, I have a desk set up with an experiment or something electronic I had been monitoring  set up on it. But just about everything else is gone so I know I need to move this out as well. At one point I say hello to someone who is in another room whom I knew from 20 years ago…

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