Sunday, March 18, 2012

Three Dreams

So long since I wrote in this blog! Last week the night before an important series of meetings, I dreamed a series of three dreams, all three of which I was able to recall in startling detail.

1. I was looking out at a road-- a road I interpreted as being the major artery in our community heading west. In reality, this road is somewhat flat and straight. But in my dream it also had a few hills and curves. I was on a bus along with one other passenger. The bus suddenly stopped. I looked up to see that there was road construction ahead. We had to get off the bus and use bicycles.

2. I was looking out at a low lying range of forested hills. I knew that just beyond the hills lay some of my favorite walking paths and rest areas. From dreams in previous years, I knew there were ponds, grassy meadows, as well as a stream nestled snugly under forest cover. Also, good fishing! No better place to go to retreat!

A trim elderly couple in great shape approached. They were also out hiking that day. However, I knew that ahead on the other side of the hill, the trail was closed. They were doing construction.. a housing project or stadium or something else of the sort. So I told them about the path being closed over there. So chose to walk down the other road.

3. I was standing on the main street here in the town at an intersection(it didn't look at all like our town, but I felt from the dream it was still this town). A new road had evidently just been completed. It was wider than the average road and made of bricks.Evidently it was for walking only. There were people lined up on both sides of the road holding flags. Evidently this was some sort of opening ceremony. In order to avoid someone passing by, I moved over closer to a Taiwanese lady standing on the side in front of the intersection of the road where the people were carrying flags. I woke up.